PowToon Presentations Edu

PowToon Presentations Edu

PowToon lets you create awesome presentations and animated videos
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Flip your classroom and be the class star!

PowToon is great for teachers and students. Over 10,000 teachers and students are Joining PowToon every month to engage Students attention and animate difficult topics.

PowToon features an easy “Drag and Drop” user interface, pre-designed templates, and a variety of style libraries. Each “slide” is treated as a scene in the storyline of your presentation or video. Drag and drop characters and props onto your slide then assign it an animation. Its’s that easy!

PowToon has an easy export button so you can create presentations or videos to share on Youtube and Facebook, download to your computer, or play using the PowToon player. Your PowToon is exported as an MP4 file so you can embed your creations in websites or play on a dedicated screen without the need for special browser extensions! Presentations look the same on Windows, Mac and Linux.

PowToon is now integrated with Google Drive for further functionality enhancements.

Add PowToon to your Chrome Browser and start creating amazing presentations today!

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PowToon Presentations Edu 截图
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