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Stylebot lets you manipulate the appearance of any website with custom CSS.

You pick an element and choose any changes you want to make from the editor. You can change the font, color, margins, visibility and a lot more. You can also write CSS manually.

You can preview and install styles created and shared by other users on Stylebot Social (website is currently down. I plan to bring it back up in the future)


★ Easy to use: Pick and style elements like in Firebug.

★ Simple & Quick: Changes are saved instantly

★ Share, Preview and Install styles: When you're on a site, you can easily preview and install styles created by other users for that site

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Privacy Notice:

The notice you see about having access to your website data, tabs and browsing activity is automatically generated because Stylebot runs on every tab. Stylebot doesn't try to look at or store any of your private data.

Stylebot 截图
Stylebot 截图
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