Overlight Test Automation

Overlight Test Automation

Overlight Test Automation Tool dedicated for salesforce lightning
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Overlight is UI test automation tool dedicated for Salesforce Lightning and Visualforce.

Overlight require license subscription.

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*** Code Free ***

Every step is created with intuitive controls and all steps are visible on clear list together with commands parameters.

*** Configuration Free ***

All you need to do to start is installation of Chrome extension.

*** Instant Command Execution ***

You do not need to launch whole scenario and wait 100 steps before something will crash and repeat whole process again and again. With Overlight you can create a command and instantly execute it to see that everything just works.

*** Execute Scenarios Anywhere ***

You can execute scenarios on any cart, so one scenario can be launched on any enviroment without any changes.

*** Intuitive Web Element Reference ***

With Overlight you do not need to dig into the page structure to find web elements. Overlight understands the page almost as we do. You can just click on an element and select interesting properties or link two elements like Label and Input to create a reference to any page element.

*** Resistant To Changes ***

Scenarios created with Element Links and Unique Properties are totally resistant to any changes on the page. No matter whether fields on standard layout will be reordered or a custom component changes its structure. As long as relative structure between elements will be preserved you do not need to change anything in your scenarios.

*** Semi-Automation ***

In addition to standard full test automation Overlight is adjusted to support semi-automation. Define scenario that will click through countless screens to prepare and adjust data required later to check new functionalities or lead you through processes in your system.

*** Data Processing ***

No matter how many commands will be implemented there can be a specific case where you want to process data. As an example: retrieve postal code from text with full address, generate current Date, some random string as id or make advanced calculation based on data gathered from page to check whether system works exactly as expected. Overlight gives you command that lets you execute JavaScript command with access to all variables gathered from page. You can process your data exactly as you want.

And much more...

Overlight - Make sure your ideas works!

Overlight Test Automation 截图
Overlight Test Automation 截图
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