MindHero - Personal New Tab Page with Webtime Tracker, Pomodoro and To-Do.
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Replace new tab page with a powerful and beautiful dashboard: daily wallpaper, todo, pomodoro, webtime tracker, distraction alert etc.

Current Version Features:

• Hero Mode - To help you minimize distractions and engage in deep work, we intercept your visits to distracting websites and play concentration-enhancing music and sounds. Set any duration or use the default option of 25 minutes.

• Daily Report - See an hourly breakdown of how you’re spending your time every day.

• Reminders - Set reminders for when you are spending too much time on distracting websites.

Meet MindHero, your personalized coach for digital wellbeing. MindHero learns from your existing digital behavior and adapts to your goals in order to help you live your best digital self, whether that means increasing productivity and focus, being more mindful, or becoming more relaxed and less anxious.

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