Roblox New Tab & Wallpapers Collection

Roblox New Tab & Wallpapers Collection

Roblox New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.
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Free roblox new tab and wallpapers extension crafted for fans of Roblox World.

Roblox's new tab extension is offered by

After downloading the Roblox new tab and wallpapers extension for free, you will get a new new tab page.

Some special changes will occur on the landing page not only as images but also with the new tab extension of roblox.

Why should I download the Roblox extension?

- A new tab page opened with Roblox wallpapers.

- Additional features, date time, weather (along with update) social media shortcuts along with Roblox wallpapers.

- Roblox game shortcut games.

and many more features.

Roblox What is the new tab extension?

This extension is a free new tab and wallpapers extension installed by and made available to you.

After downloading and installing this extension, you will receive the most carefully selected wallpapers from the world of roblox on every new tab page of your chrome browser.

With a different roblox wallpaper option on each new tab page, you can choose your favorite roblox wallpaper and just let it come.

After you start using the new tab extension Roblox on the left side of your landing page alexa, ebay, youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter and so on. You will have icons for quick access to social media and shopping sites like.

There is also a date and time detail in the lower right corner of your new tab page.

In the Settings section you can activate the random wallpaper option, turn off the logo, quick access icons and date section.

How to remove an extension?

You can enter the extensions section by typing chrome: // extensions / in the address line of your browser and remove the extension by clicking the remove button next to the extension.


Roblox HD Wallpaper & 4K Background Chrome New Tab Theme If there is any problem please alert us and we will resolve it.

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Roblox New Tab & Wallpapers Collection 截图
Roblox New Tab & Wallpapers Collection 截图
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