RSS Feed阅读器「RSS Feed Reader」

RSS Feed阅读器「RSS Feed Reader」

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The easiest way to follow news from your favorite websites and blogs. Have any questions? We're always listening at

The best RSS Feed Reader extension for Chrome, Safari, iOS and Android.


- Instantaneously see when new posts are added to one of your RSS and Atom feeds

- Easily subscribe to new RSS/Atom feeds by clicking the browser icon

- Intuitively manage your feeds

- Right click context-menus in popup-menu let you mark all as read, reload feeds, and other nifty shortcuts

- Export your feeds so you can import them on another computer and/or keep them as backups for safekeeping

- Customize your feeds by choosing how many posts to display, or changing the title

- Organize your feeds using folders and sorting with drag and drop

- Choose between two different themes: Dark or Light

- Everything is contained within the browser so no other third-party sites are needed

- Notifications when feeds have been updated. Enable globally or on select feeds

- Supports both RSS and Atom feeds

- See when a page has any RSS or Atom feeds to subscribe to

- Sound notifications

- E-mail notifications (PRO only)

- iOS and Android apps (PRO only)

If you have any feedback, bugs or issues, we're always listening on our support channel: If any RSS or Atom feeds don't work please report it to us.

Brought to you by Really Simple AB from Stockholm, Sweden, the RSS Feed Reader team. Have fun with RSS and Atom!



- Fix some bugs with unread counts not updating correctly


- Fix a bug where the context menu would be over confirmation dialogs

- Introduce an option to disable the "Are you sure you want to mark X posts as read"

- Slightly move the "NEW" and three-dot-menu to the right to be slightly less under the scrollbar


- Give themes a fresh coat of paint.

- In this release we have removed the "old dark" and "old light" themes. It was not an easy decision. Read our blog post for backstory:


- Make it easier to follow Youtube and Reddit feeds


- Introduce Collections: A new way for Basic, Pro or Business users to organise posts. (To use collections you need to be connected to a Feeder account.)


- On new installs: Enable notifications by default. They can always be disabled under "Notifications" on the settings pages.


- Implement keyboard navigation inside the extension popup. R, to mark as Read, S to mark as Starred, T to switch tabs, Q to queue posts

- [beta] Bug fix for creating "Any Website" feeds


- Fix security issue on feed preview page

- Fix bug when double-clicking on feeds or folders in the list


- Make the link to the feed in the posts screen click area smaller, reducing chance of misclicks

- Try out a new Install screen


- Attempt fix for unreads not being uptodate in some cases


- Fix broken Open all unread in feed button


- Optimize extension for logged out users. Users with older harddrives should see a significant speed-up and a lot less ambient resource usage

- Speed up connecting the extension with your account significantly

- Fix a warning that could appear in Chrome

- A lot of minor bug fixes and code improvements


- A delicate nudge to get a review from you, our most precious users.


- Fix a bug where the subscribe button on a feed page would falsely report an error

- Fix a bug where old posts would keep being marked as read for logged out users

- Add an uninstall page, to gather feedback when we need it most


- Add a screen to display the status of the migration introduced in 7.3.5

- Make it more possible to display more user friendly error messages when trying to add feeds and it fails


- Fix a critical bug where logged out users would see duplicate posts. There was a bug in the migration between 7.2 to 7.3 that caused this. This release includes a migration to migrate from the buggy 7.3.4 branch, which on the first boot can cause a temporary high load on the CPU. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us at We monitor that inbox more frequently than the Chrome Web Store comments.


- Fix a bug where synced preferences could override preferences not meant to be overridden

- Fix a bug from the latest version where marking all as read would not update the unread count

- Fix bug where display settings where not persisted on the ”All posts in folder"-feed

- Fix bug where context menu would not expand properly

- Attempt to fix a bug where users that were not logged out could see feed loss, or a Feeder that did not work properly. There is a lot of black magic involved


- NEW! Choose to display only starred posts, only unread posts, or both! Makes it easier to spot new items

- Rewrite of how posts are checked for logged out users. Users should see a significant decrease in resource usage when checking for new posts

- Complete rewrite of how the post and feed lists are rendered. Now using React for a more stable and bug free experience.

- Bug fixes here and there


- Make keyboard navigation inside extension popup not open posts when using down arrow

- Add keyboard shortcut to open extension popup

- Fix some issues with timestamps on posts causing them to appear at the top of the post list

- Fix a bug where syncing to Feeder account from login would take double time since it did it twice

- Fix imports for logged in users who have extension installed


- Fix issues with keyboard navigation

- Fix issues with scrollbars when tabs have different zooms


- Holiday theme! Yay!

- JSON feed support!

- Fix minor UI bugs with unread count being in the way

You can read old release notes here:

Thanks for reading this far!

RSS Feed阅读器「RSS Feed Reader」 截图
RSS Feed阅读器「RSS Feed Reader」 截图
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