A shortcut to Chrome downloads
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This is just a shortcut to Chrome Downloads, nothing more.

When installed, it will add Downloads icon to your browser's toolbar.

Click the downloads icon and you'll open Chrome downloads page.

And that's all this "extension" does...

(There are, however, some settings for the extension that you may wish to check: you can set the button to open the downloads panel in new tab or in the current tab and, if you want, you can add it to the context menu.)

**Questions & Answers**

Why adding separate extension for something that needs only two clicks in the menu?

-- Because with the downloads button in the toolbar you’ll do it in one click, which is 50% faster :)

But extensions eat system memory, isn’t it stupid to waste resources just for quick shortcut to the downloads page?

-- This extension doesn’t “eat” memory. In technical words, it uses non-persistent background page, which means chrome doesn’t need to reserve memory for the downloads button (check the Chrome Task Manager if you don’t trust us: when you click on the downloads icon it will start the extension, open the downloads page and release memory right after that)

Why not just use a simple bookmark to the downloads page instead of installing separate extension?

-- You could, but you’ll need more clicks to access the bookmark from the menu or you’ll need to have the bookmarks bar open. For people like me the bookmarks bar is not a good choice (it takes from the vertical space of the browser) and the toolbar icon is more convinient.

If I install it, is it easy to remove the extension if I don’t like it?

-- Yes, you can remove it with literally two clicks (just right-click on the downloads button and select “Remove from Chrome”)

How to access the options page?

-- Right-click on the downloads icon and select “Options”.

How to open the downloads page in the current tab instead of opening new tab?

-- Right-click on the extension’s icon and select “Options”, then uncheck the first checkbox

How to add downloads shortcut to the context menu?

-- Go to the options page (see above) and check the respective checkbox (“Add downloads button to context menu”)

How to change the downloads icon?

-- Currently you can’t, but in the next version (coming soon) we’ll add this functionality

Is it possible to add the downloads button to chrome apps page?

-- Currently you can, but in future it will be possible only on Chrome OS devices. To do that just install our Downloads Button app (copy the link below and paste it in new tab):

Do you have more shortcuts like Downloads Button?

-- Definitely, see the links below

**Downloads Button -- Version History**

ver.2.0 – Added options (context menu support)

ver.1.0 – Initial Release

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