nsoft 提供的所有 Chrome 扩展程序
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock is a practical alarm clock which turns your Chrome into Beautiful Digital Clock. Designed to wake you up.
National Geographic™ Photo Of The Day
Beautiful and Interesting colorful photos. Enjoy National Geographic's incredible photo collection. You'll get new pictures daily.
Virus Scanner With Google Drive
Scan suspicious files using Cloud Google Drive. It protects you from harmful viruses, malware and helps keep your data safe.
Video to GIF Animation Converter
This app allows you to create animated GIFs from videos directly. You can open a video file from your Google Drive and computer.
News Today, Major Newspapers
Today's Major Newspapers for United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Europe... It gives you access to various news feeds.
Scientific Calculator, Unit Converter
Free calculator, unit converter for general, students, Mathematics, Engineering. Easy-to-use General or Scientific Calculator.
TeX, LaTex Viewer and Editor
Free LaTeX viewer, editor for your browser. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX file directly on browser and generate a PDF.
Drive Webcam, Camera for Drive
Take pictures directly from your Drive, save them to your Google Drive. You can share them with your friends such as Instagram.
Jokes of the Day
Daily joke, funny story, humor.. Provide a new Joke every day.
Today's Horoscope
Get free daily horoscope.. Astrology free daily horoscopes for you.
Cloud PDF Form Filler
This free app provides filling out PDF forms. Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect.
Multiple Images, YouTube to Google Slides
Convert multiple images and YouTube videos to Google Slides/Presentation for free. You can share this Slides with others directly.
Interesting Photos for Flickr, 500px
Most interesting photos on Flickr. It also provides 500px Popular and Fresh Photos. You'll get new pictures every few hours.
Maps to Image, Drive
Save MS Bing maps to image, Google Drive. General map, Weather, Traffic, Satellite images, Details from the bird's flight on a map.
Undo for Google Drive
Undo recently changes in the Google Drive. You can undo the move, upload, create, rename, trash, untrash.. changes for the Drive.